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I had photos showing trees were neglected, north star would rather deny claim and hire not one but 2 attorneys than pay to fix my car.I leave you as judge , Do these trees look neglected.

They say I should not have parked there even though insured told me that is where I have to park. Agent that wrote policy said that they were neglected and that they lied about it. No one wants to help me fix my car. You can email me for more detailed photos.

These trees had fungus on them, and splitting limbs.North Star thought they were fine and did feel like they needed to pay claim.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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If you have comprehensive coverage try going through your own insurance company and let them go after the other party.If that isn't an option then plan B is to sue the other party in small claims court for the repair costs to the car (get some estimates at least), rental fees during repair and any direct expenses resulting from this event.

Keep in mind you can't sue for punitive damages or what you THINK the car is worth. If you win the judge will award you out-of-pocket damages.

Pictures of the car, the tree and parking lot as well as any copies of correspondence between you and the other party would be helpful.Also, anything you say should be backed up in writing such as a certified letter to the other party demanding specific compensation for damages, otherwise they could say in court that you told them that you tripped and this is the first time that they heard about this car/tree business.

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