If you're even thinking about getting insurance through North Star Mutual better read this first!!

Our rental property was damaged in a storm on July 1, 2011. This loss was reported to North Star Mutual on July 5, 2011.

Although we called numerous times regarding the status of this claim, we didn't receive an estimate from the adjuster until August 23, 2011. We then received another letter from the adjuster on August 24, 2011 with a new estimate. We disputed the new estimate based on additional damage our contractor found when completing his estimate. We requested a second inspection from North Star Mutual due to the discrepancy between the adjuster's estimate of damage and our contractor's estimate of damage. Our contractor found damage on all four elevations of the siding; North Star Mutual's adjuster found damage on three elevations of the siding.

On September 19, 2011, we received a letter from North Star Mutual notifying us of cancellation because the property was vacant and hadn't been fixed up. The letter specifically asks for a time frame when the repairs would be completed in order for them to re-evaluate the cancellation. (Attached: Cancellation notice from North Star Mutual)

Although we still hadn't received the second inspection we had requested, we began repairs on the property, as we didn't want the insurance coverage cancelled.

On October 6, 2011, a second inspection was finally completed. North Star Mutual then denied our request for additional damage because they were unable to view the siding on the house. (Attached: Letter from North Star Mutual denying claim)

We purchased this insurance in good faith, premiums were paid and we complied with all terms of the contract. We believe North Star Mutual purposely didn't schedule the second inspection until 3 months after the storm and after we were notified our insurance was being cancelled if we didn't begin repairs. North Star's actions pushed us into starting repairs so that they would not be liable for the cost of repairing all elevations.

In addition, this property has loss of rents insurance. North Star Mutual denied our coverage because the property was vacant at the time of the storm. However, the policy language states coverage applies for "premises rented or HELD for rental". Our renter had moved out at the end of June 2011 we were in the process of finalizing a rental agreement with new tenants who planned to move in mid-July of 2011. However, with the storm damage and the delays by North Star Mutual in the processing of this claim, our renters were unable to move in as scheduled.

North Star Mutual refuses to pay to replace the siding on all elevations of the house as well as four months lost rent.

They should be ashamed of running their business in the sneaky, underhanded way they handled our claim!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #683902

Had hail damage to roof.Value of roof is being depreciated for age.About 3100.00 dollars.Is that normal?


try working for them..


All four sides damaged by the same storm? Was it circling your house or did you buy into everything your roof and siding salesman was telling you?

Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #581868

North Star Mutual denied hail damage to my roof.While others on the block with less damage were getting roofs replaced by there insurance company, north star mutal adjuster was denying mine.

There should be a homeowner insurance advocate in each county to call to get a second unbiased opinioned that all insurance companies must adhere to or lose their license!Put a stop to the corruption and insurance adjusters and these companies taking advantage of homeowners lack of knowledge in the area of insurance policies!


I also received damage to my home from the same storm and north star is sticking it to me.My shingles received wind and hail damage and north star states my shingles are defective and aren't covered.

My neighbor 1 house away also had damage and north star ins. They got lucky as north star assigned there claim to an outside adjuster, my adjuster worked directly for north star.

When I asked the adjuster to explain how they can cover a house 100 yards away with the same damage and deny my claim he stated that that a storm has to start and stop somewhere.This company plays dirty.

to north star victim #707671

It really is too bad some of the people can't even spell correctly. That might explain a few things.

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